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.Inspired by Beauty,Art, form and Function, Bonita Lighting has set out to offer a unique range of lighting for today’s homes.

Bonita believe that beautiful lighting not only sets the mood of the room, The light itself should be a design accent .our award winning term of designers ensures each piece is created with uncompromising detail and unparalleled design.

Bonita is proud to be a trusted manufacturer of several globally recognized lighting brands


Our design team travels the globe to ensure  we have our finger on the pulse of emerging trends in lighting .fashion and technology . In addition to driving our own product development, we welcome customer driven development and our in-house sample shop allows us to turn your concepts into reality quickly effectively . Our finish specialists ensure the final piece is just as you imagined.


 Manufacturing is focused to deliver  high quality products through using good raw materials along with the most advanced manufacturing processes. The greatest manufacturing flexibility is possible through ownership and management of our state-of -the-art manufacturing facility.


 Providing Quality Products...A Quality control specialist is positioned at every step of the manufacturing  process to insure every item meets approved product specifications .our specialists are train in product design , material and process selection, as well as finishes and packaging.


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